Bungree Aboriginal Association is a Central Coast Aboriginal Community based organisation, which provides a wide range of services to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people residing on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Bungree is the largest Aboriginal not for profit organisation on the Central Coast and currently employs approximately 35 permanent and casual field employees. We operate and deliver 28 funded programs and services to the Central Coast, Newcastle and Upper Hunter.

Bungree’s programs and services target our ageing, children, youth and families, as well as people with a disability and housing needs.


Bungree’s purpose is to provide a wide range of funded programs and services that assist many of our vulnerable and isolated people and families such as our elderly and frail, people with a disability, people who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, children, youth and families.


Bungree’s mission:

“Cultivating our Community – by embracing our culture with a commitment to continuous improvement through innovative programs and excellence in service delivery”


Bungree’s vision:

“We are dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of Community”


Bungree aims to ensure that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people residing on the Central Coast of New South Wales have access to the provision of high quality and effective services.


  • Aboriginal Housing Program
  • Respite Care Program
  • Community Transport Program
  • Community Options Program
  • Podiatry Program
  • Intensive Family Based Service
  • Specialist Homelessness Services
  • Community Aged Care Packages
  • Social Support Program


Bungree goes beyond providing quality services, we are also doing our best to make a difference for our employees and everyone our business affects. We care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves.

Bungree’s organisational values reflecting and influencing our culture are:

  • Leadership - We strive to lead the way in our community through positive collaboration and broad inclusion
  • Empowerment - Empowering our people in the way we work together with the community to make a difference
  • Achievement - Achieving outcomes for our community and stakeholders
  • Service Delivery - Delivery of outcomes for our community and stakeholders while ensuring we continually improve
  • Excellence - Excellence through innovation and our focus on our client’s and community needs
  • Respect - Through our actions and behaviours we demonstrate respect for ourselves, our organisation, our community and our culture
  • Trust - Trust is earned through the way we operate honestly, fairly and ethically with everyone (employees, the community and other stakeholders)


Bungree operates on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Currently over 300,000 people live in the area which is located between Newcastle and Sydney, covering 81 kilometres of coastline and 1,854 square kilometres of land.

More than half the region is national parks, bushland, open space and aquatic environments. It is the traditional land of the Darkinjung, Garingai and Awabakal people.

After strong signs of recovery from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in late 2009 and early 2010, economic activity in the Central Coast has slowed and key indicators such as participation and employment rates have weakened.